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Bit of a non-sequitur, but yesterday, whilst searching though my mountain of kit car photo's for Monaco ones, I found this.

I'd not long finished the blue Phaeton II, 1300 Triumph powered, when the grey one came to my notice. I paid 350. It was Ford 1700 V4 powered. This engine earned a few bob at the scrap merchants, all it was good for, to be replaced by a 1300 X-Flow and passed on to a club member. He completed it, had it sprayed, and promptly wrote it off.

My friend's red Phaeton started life in black with 1300 Triumph power, in the incarnation pictured it had a 1500 Triumph. He then painted in in Marlboro Mclaren dayglo and white and installed a 2500 Ford V6. We went to Le Mans in it in '91, blowing a half shaft on the way back. Its fourth and final incarnation was in BRG with a yellow centre stripe and a 3500 Rover V8. I took it round Castle Combe and can confirm it was a rocket. I'll post more pictures if I find any.

Regards, Mick

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