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Default New exhaust

Planning an update to the exhaust, starting early in the morning or coming back late is a bit of an issue. Dispite the sound passing SVA it’s a tad disruptive. Also on long trips at 50mph you get quite a bit of resonance.

This setup using Varex X-Force back boxes gives the best of both. Open it up and it's a straight through perforated style muffler same as the magnaflow boxes on there now and when closed the sound is reduced to stock or lower levels.

Adjustment is via a keyfob, you can set open/close and anywhere in between.

Pipes by Jetex same as the current exhaust - great quality and lots of choice.

V band clamps from eBay, will have to see how the quality lasts on the clamps.

Some jetex parts:

If any of you are classic car fans, we installed a very similar system on Richards 67 Mustang with a 289 small block V8 (Original marked in Video had two tiny bullet mufflers and it literally made your ears ring after 10mins of driving, was also a two pipe system. New varex setup also added an x pipe)

Lots more on this car here:

Now I just need to find time to build the new one! Doing a bit of planning in Autodesk Fusion 360 - which is aviable for free if you're a hobbist, well worth a look if you're into playing with CAD.

This shows some jetex parts to bridge the height differene between the exhaust run and back box height (and moves from the 2" pipe size to the 2.5" input size on the back box):

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