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Given of us are not party to any discussions on this I think it is safe to assume that we avoid anything that raise any opportunities for litigation from any manufacturer including the F people.

It is also easier for a builder to plead some form of ignorance than anyone with a commercial venture that has a direct affect on the livelihood of members of that company. If any maker of a kit or their related companies have a risk of commercial proceedings I would not be surprised if they ceased to produce or supply such items.

Good luck to anyone in this part of the hobby / industry as creating anything that keeps old style automotive designs alive is open to scrutiny and comment.

I will stick to my Kobra with the head scratcher badge as no-one is threatened by what I have.

Good luck all. We might be the last generation that produces unique cars. We need to band together to protect ourselves best we can or ...

We are all doomed !

Stupid boy Dave

Back to Scott’s hijacked thread ...

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