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Originally Posted by Paul L View Post
How about an update with invisible progress?

Hi Paul, I suppose it has been a while since I posted an update.

Progress has been made, but mostly invisible. i have now fitted Gaz ride and height adjustable front shocks with new 170lb springs to get the front end height right and added camber shims to help the handling.

While I had the front suspension apart i also replaced the lower wishbones as when I trial assembled everything before I noticed that the trunnion holes were elongated on both sides through wear.

That's caused by the plain shank of the bolts being shorter than the gap they have to fill, which leaves the threaded portion of the bolts bearing against the inside of the trunnion hole at the nut end. That results in the bolt wearing down as the metal's thinner where it's threaded, and the movement that allows then wears the hole in the wishbone.

I had seen some longer bolts available to prevent this, I think from Jigsaw Racing, but they seem to have ceased trading recently.

Anyway, hoping for some nicer weather soon so I can get on with this project and post some nice pics in the sunshine...
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