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Thanks Peterux. The lower frame's now all tacked together and I've trial fitted the body - so far so good.

Next step is to reverse-engineer (bodge) front and rear upper frames to support the body, brace the lower frame and hang the fuel tank, handbrake compensator, steering column and possibly the pedals from.

Although I have a floor mounted pedal box in similar style to an original 356, I'm not sure I can make it fit as the master cylinders for the clutch and brakes (x2) stick out quite a long way forward. Initial placing of parts and head scratching suggest that the pedals will be uncomfortably close to the driver, leaving the 'Italian Ape' driving position of outstretched arms with legs bent into the foetal position with your knee joints either side of the wheel next to your hands.

That'll be familiar to anyone who's ever driven an Italian sports car or coupe, and I quite liked that driving position when I had a Fiat 128 3P Coupe back in the day. The trouble is, I was 21 then and quite a bit more slender and bendy then than i am now, so I have a set of Triumph pendulum pedals on standby just in case I can't fold myself in behind the wheel with the floor pedals in place.

More later with pictures...

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