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Some more progress to report -

Exhaust now routed so the (bike) silencers protrude from just under the rear valance just as all non Carerra Speedster exhausts do -

The dash that came with the car didn't do it for me - it had been hacked about by previous owners, the pod over the instruments wasn't deep enough to allow a 4" tacho to fit under it and I just prefer the look of the 550 Spyder dash - so I sourced a 550 dash to graft in to the 356 shell -

This is the best shot I have of the original 356 dash -

Initial fitting -

As the 550 Spyder is about 5" narrower than the 356, my replacement dash needed a bit of 'Jigsaw' construction using bits of the old dash, plasticine, etc. to get it to the right width -

next job was a week of fill and sand, fill and sand, fill and bloody sand until it starts to look as if it was always there -

At the moment it's made out of ticky-tacky and is far too heavy, so the next stage is to finish it to a good standard, paint and polish it, then use it as a plug for a mould so I can make a unified and lighter replacement to bond in.

More later.
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