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So, it has been 3 years and 4 months since I did any meaningful work on the car. In that time I got divorced and decided on a big life change to a more rural existence in Devon...with someone who actually likes me. As a result, I have a rather nice double garage.

During this period I also thought about the things that I needed to change on the car. The biggest issue was the seating position. Despite all my measurements, the pedals were a fraction too close. I knew that if I could move the pedal box 5cm forward, it would be more comfortable and I would be able to fit my preferred 14" Mota Lita.

The only problem was, the front bulkhead was too close for me to move the pedals.

My parting picture in May 2017 was this -

All very neat but too close to the driver... So, how could I extend the bulkhead...

A quick look on eBay revealed some rather neat aluminium boxes that are meant to hold electrical components...

Cut the back out with a jigsaw...

Fit to the bulkhead and mark out the aperture...

Bingo! Extended bulkhead. This is just so that the stems on the pedals can go beyond the old bulkhead when depressed. The pedal faces (foot pads) go no further than the plane of the old bulkhead, i.e my feet don't have to fit into the new space.

All very neat and a very comfortable driving position.

And, no, there is plenty of clearance with the front wheel, and there was enough pipe to tweak the twists and turns so as not to have to make any new brake and clutch pipes.
It also makes the bulkhead look more interesting which is a bonus. I'm tempted to add one to the passenger side for no reason at all.

And, yes, there should be regular updates from now on.

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