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Quick update as it's been a couple of months.

Progress has been a bit slow for a couple of reasons: First off, engine issues, more specifically trying to get a leak free cooling system. I've had two cracked water pump housings and the third one I tried had stripped threads on both bolt holes for the thermostat cover. That's all sorted now and I'm hoping to fire the engine this weekend.

Second reason is that it's now the season for my other hobby, grubbing around in muddy fields looking for 'treasure'.

I'd like to say 'There's gold in them there hills' but I live in Norfolk. Gold, there is, nonetheless -

Et Voila, one Ambiani Gallic wars gold stater, struck in about 57BC by a tribe in Gaul (Northern France) to pay an army of Celtic warriors to fight against the invading Roman army led by one Julius Caeser.

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