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Thanks for the kind words, guys. It is a spectacular find and in pretty much as minted condition once I rinsed the mud off it.

Given that, I'd estimate it to be at the high end of the value range for one of these, so around 1,000 to 1,200

Luckily I can afford to pay my half of that so I should be able to hang on to it, but if the valuation is much more then my (wealthy although he'd never admit it despite the pristine E Type roadster/other classics/new Velar etc.) farmer friend might have to buy out my share.

He's also really interested in the history of his land and I often hand over small items that have a connection to the land he owns as he loves them just as much as I do.

These have included a lovely 14th Century bronze seal matrix used for impressing the owner's personal coat of arms in molten wax to seal documents, and most recently, an enamel badge from the National Agricultural Labourers and Rural Workers Union, which was an early 20th Century land workers' rights movement.

It's a great hobby which gets me out in the fresh air, but it does eat into the time I have for car building. It won't be long until all the land I have permission to search is under crops, though, so I'll be back in the garage soon.

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