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Hi Swifty, thanks for your interest in my little piece of history.

I will be putting my Speedster through the rebody process - I'm going to be crossing my fingers as I bought the bodyshell second-hand and don't have a manufacturer's receipt. I do have a screenshot of the ebay sale transaction though, so I'm hoping they will accept that.

Current delay is that I haven't managed to get the engine running yet. I have fuel getting into the cylinders, I have a nice, fat spark and I have provisionally set the timing to 6 degrees before TDC with a timing light on turnover, but it isn't making any attempt to fire.

Last thing yesterday I tested the compression on one cylinder with a compression tester and it read zero. That could be one of two things: my (cheap Chinese made) compression tester might be faulty or I've installed the new camshaft in the wrong orientation so there's a valve still open on the compression stroke.

I ran out of enthusiasm yesterday so I'm having a day off the car today, but I'll pick it up again next weekend (Thursday for me) and test the compression tester on the Midget's engine to see if it's the gauge that's faulty. If it shows compression on the MG then it must be the cam timing that's the issue.

Hopefully my next post will have some better news about starting the engine for the first time.
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