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Originally Posted by kjn47 View Post
Hi, can you please let me know more about the drape moulding technique for the headlamp covers and windscreen? Any advice would be appreciated. Kevin
It is quite a simple process. You need to make a male mould of the shape you want to make, I made mine from wood with a skim of body filler over the top. The surface finish needs to be smooth and blemish free.
Make a wooden frame a couple of inches bigger than the mould to hold the plastic sheet. The plastic sheet can be screwed to the frame with self tappers every couple of inches.
Heat in your oven at around 160c until you can see the plastic start to sag then quickly take it out and press it firmly over your mould.
Hold it down long enough until it begins to cool and it will hold the shape.
I used 3mm perspex but you also use polycarbonate.
There is an element of trial and error but its quite easy to do.
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