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Default 250tr 1960 tr59/60

Hello again,

I am planning on building a Ferrari 250TR/TR59/60 the Fantuzzi bodied car which shares the same width and wheelbase and track as your 250TR. I have had a 3D model created based on blueprint and photographic reference that is quite accurate. I intend to have a Styrofoam full-size model produced of the car from which I am going to make a one off body.
I was considering using a TVR Tasmin but I think the chassis may require too many alterations?
Can you let me know what alterations to the width of the Locost 7 you had to make in order to fit your body. If you retained the dimensions of the Locost chassis that would be most helpful. Iíve tried looking on the Internet but could not find such detailed information. Also did you require any wheel spacers?
I look forward to hearing from you when you have a moment.
Kind regards
Shropshire UK
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