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Talking At last, a little progress!

Over the last week or so, shrugging off the winter/coronavirus/sale of Lotus and A352 blues, I tackled the covers for my two part backrest. Not having used a sewing machine before, I practised on some scrap pieces of vinyl uintil I could run a halfway decent seam. I'd first given the machine a service, discovering that its been designed for much smaller Germans than mine. Working out the most economical layout for cutting out the panels from the roll took a good while, as did marking them out. Anyway, I bit the bullet and machined the simpler passenger's side first and fitted it using staples around the back. I then moved on to the the larger and more complex driver's side, which has the cutout for the tunnel. The results, as can be seen, are fairly average, but I'm hoping that once the sun's heated them a few times they'll settle down a little.

I squirmed into the drivers side and adjusted the seat belts, which are the ex-WD twins of Paul's, and made some brrrrrrrrrrrrm noises. Three things were apparent: a length of protective split edging is needed on the lower edge of the ally angle locating the steering column: I need a 10" rather than a 12" steering wheel (I'm not as accomplished a contortionist as I used to be); and there's a leak in the braking system somewhere as the previously hard pedal is now jelly. It's no fun if it's easy!

Regards, Mick
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