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Default New Project. Didn't Happen :(

I've been considering another project for a while now, as the decks are more or less clear, and something to take me back to my early 80s roots came up last week: a Triumph based Dutton B-Type, c/w 2CV rectangular lights, just like my first Phaeton.

It looked challenging, but eminently rebuildable, so I saved it and looked forward to placing a winning bid yesterday afternoon. 2,086? You're 'avin' a larf intcha? The last B-Type I bought, admittedly without engine and 'box in 1991, was 50! So, hopes dashed.

I was going to stretch to 1,500 as an absolute limit but it shot beyond that early, so no exciting countdown with finger poised over 'Enter' (IMO Snipe takes away all the fun). Ho hum, I'll keep looking.

Regards, Mick
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