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Default 2019 Update

Another year and still no paint job.
However, I have put a few miles on during the summer.

Even managed to run out of petrol on the A1 going to the petrol station.
As I had to leave it at the road side while I walked with my empty petrol can.
It was not long before I got a lift from a curious petrol head who wanted to know about my 'jag'.
Fortunately they also had some jump leads as the battery went flat turning the V6 to fill the filter and carb.
It was a relief to hear it fire up and make to the the pumps.
Electric fuel pump now on order!

Fettling has involved:
Greasing rear wheel bearings which where noisy or right hand bends.
Re-tightening gearbox mounts to remove some vibration.
Replacing the master cyclinder and adjusting the brake pedal height/brake
light switch.
Raising the steering wheel to give easier access.
Fitting nice shiny exhaust ends

Modifying the dash switches so I now have:
Overdrive and wiper switches by the steering wheel.
headlightlights and heater fan by the passenger.

Oh yes, I removed the engine in the winter

Rebuilt it with new skimmed heads

new piston rings/honed bores and all lower bearings

So I know there will be no problem down there to worry about.

I am still messing around with an MX5 soft top to mount in the roll bar hoops.
I have reshaped the header rail to match the curve of the 356 screen and extended the door bars so I now have a frame.

But it is work in progress to get it to fold tidily.
Anyway that's all for now.

Maybe a paint job before next September..

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