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Firstly, thanks for all the advice. When I removed the adaptor plug and sender the PTFE tape I'd used was very stringy which I'm supposing was due to the heat - on a hot day the oil temp. gauge shows 60-70C. I think the leak was due partly to this and partly the thinning of the oil which was due a mileage change. Anyway, I made sure everything was super clean and reassembled with PTFE.

Yesterday was the first opportunity I've had to go for a blast and on return, with water at 75C and oil 60C, the plug area was dry .

Its MOT is due on the 29th so next job is the annual handbrake fettling. I remove the drums, emery the swept surfaces, adjust the shoes, and make sure that the cables etc. are greased. Even with this attention immediately before the test it barely scrapes through. I think I'll advertise it again at Easter (Ebay classified) and hope that it's third time lucky. If it sells I'll be down to three cars from five this time last year. I think I have 'Car Owner Virus'...

Regards, Mick
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