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Default T35 & D-Type Evocations

Originally Posted by Mick O'Malley View Post

It's 40k now

Regards, Mick

In last week's Classic Car Weekly there is similar for sale for only 16,750. It's described as 'Ally bodied', 'Front Engine' and 'The only one of its kind'. Its plate is visible in the thumbnail and DVLA has it as a Marina Buggatti (sic) Rep, tested to 17.12.20. Seems a snip, as it has those eight flat spoked wheels and is a correct-ish blue.

On the 15th of August I received an e-mail asking if the A352 had sold. My reply to the negative (including a comprehensive whinge re. being jerked around ad nauseum) elicited a request the next day for more info./pictures which I provided by return, i.e. a month ago today. Nothing heard since. A trawl back through last year's queries revealed that this guy had been in touch then and had been waiting on the sale of his T35 Evocation for 'D-Type' funds...

Last Saturday a similar request arrived, from La Belle France, to which I simply relied 'Oui'. Today Monsieur requested pictures+video with engine running which, I've sent.

Will I be holding my breath? Yeah, right.

Regatfs, Mick
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