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Default Nice Job

Paul, The soft top is still not done.
I have had to cut and stitch panels myself to make the mx5 cover fit.
When I am happy with the way it looks it will be used as a template for a professional cover.
My trial and error method is not recommended.

Steve, you have done a very profession job on that engine bay and interior.

Tripple Webers no less certainly make a very sexy engine.
You just need a ferrari tessa rossa clear engine bulges to show them off!
How much over 200bhp are you expecting it to put out?

I was very interested to see your frame bracing behind the rear seats.
What you are doing about the seat belt shoulder mounts with the body being so low at that point.
Maybe you have avoided that problem with the flat floor.

I have my battery behind the passenger seat so wondered if you have done the same?
Nice idea to have the external battery connector on the passenger bulkhead.
My method is very crude by comparison although access is easier with two missing humps

I currently have my diff in pieces on the workbench, but no plans for rear disc at present.
Mine had a terrible clunk on taking up drive.
On stripping down, I found that one sun gear dish washer was paper thin and other had completely worn away.
New washers, bearings and swapping shims have enable me to remove loads of backlash.
I still need to take one drive shaft to the garage to get the hub off as I cannot shift it to replace the wheel bearing.

Hopefully, I will also be back on the road in spring.
Ready for that silver paint job.

I look forward to some pictures of your dash
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