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Originally Posted by Ferg View Post
They seem to be related to rally Sport Replicas....
Ferg have you been looking at the same site? I don't think a McLaren F1, a Bugatti Veron nor Ferrari 275 GT4,Enzo or F430's have ever been rallied(raced sometimes)and the Arden Minisprint was only a road car so I fail to see you connection The site I visited offer a fitted bodykit for the MR2 Mk3 in the style of an F430 without altering the dimensions of the car as most Ferrari kits for MR2's usually do with massive spacers required for the wheels to line up with the new body!! and a kit for the BMW Z4 to resemble a new Californian plus the McLaren/Veron/Enzo are based on a special spaceframe chassis so none are rally sport replicas as far as I can see

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