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Default Understand the root cause before you start anything

I read through this thread with interest and with a bit of understanding.

Before you start a very expensive project to correct a handling factor you need to understand what is wrong!

My 5Exi is fresh on the track/road and my first outing at Llandow it performed extremely well.

I had the rear uprights massively modified by TD and then TD set it up and I has hardly been touched during the build and since the track outing.

You likely know now how much TD will charge for an assessment once you have invested the few hundreds you will know what is wrong and you can make a rational decision

There is the 5Exi location map and the registration data base you can refer too to find others close too you to look at

I don't disagree with a bike engine'd project but my std VVC is close to as fast as I want it and I have the suspicion that if you don't fix the root problem it will only develop differently with a different weight distribution.

My two penny worth anyway.
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