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OK, Iíve had a rummage through some old build photos and apologies if you have this covered already.

I donít want to hi-jack your thread, as Iím certainly no expert, but I did a LOT of fibreglass work on my carÖ

Normal brown parcel tape creates an effective barrier that fibreglass matting will not stick too.

So by adding tape to the bottom of a length of hard board I had a Ďformerí.

Which I then screwed to the sunny side of an aero hump in order to extend the depth on one side.
( Note: I used way too many screws for this job. )

Leaving the underside looking like this.

The matting was then added to both the former to match the depth of the original piece and overlapping the join too.

After removing the screws, the hardboard simply peeled away from the hump.

You can see the gaps / messy join on the sunny side of this hump.

But the following photos are from me sealing my doors shut, as they show the next steps better.

In this case, rather than use a former, the original doors were fixed into place and joined on the inside first.

Again, there is a gap on the sunny side where the old and new pieces meet.

This gap is ground out into a ďVĒ which is narrow and the bottom and wider at the top.

To fill this, I cut out a selection of fibreglass strips in various widths.

Then I slowly built up the layers of matting in the V.

Before a final layer of filler to tidy things up a bit more.

By the time the sanding is finished and the primer is on, you canít see the join on the sunny side.

End of Part 1Ö
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