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Hi LLM, thanks for all the above info, very helpful.
- rear lights good to know you bolstered the pods structure behind, I suspected that if I was a bit more aggressive I would run out of real estate!. I will have to think about this a bit more when I have the car on the road and progressing to paint. I do use the p60 grit flap wheels in my die grinder on the compressor which I have found to be very effective for the removal of fibreglass.

- door handle mechanisms you may have answered a partial question in my head about the force needed to open the door. I do have it popping with a direct button push, but until I had secured the handle on a trial bracket on the door I wasn’t sure if it was too great a force to overcome. Does anyone out there have pictures of their mechanisms using a mini door handle? I have some ideas but certainly don’t believe in re-inventing the wheel if it doesn’t need it. I may have mentioned before on my thread, plagiarism is the finest form of flattery!
Cheers Mark.
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