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Default Door-skins and handles initial fit

Door skins and handles have been fitted for the time being,
just tek screws holding on at the moment as I want to work an angle with the cert guy as to what he is happy with for temp fixings for skins before paint etc.
I may need to captive nut the door skins and bolt through the door for fixing. At least then I can remove the skin later on for paint and if needed for final gapping etc. Going to put a weather seal in the top of each door to minimise the water/moisture heading down into the door skin.
Gaps are not great but are workable, not too bothered at the moment with that. The L/H side of the car looks like it needs the body to be about 5 mm higher in places, nothing I can do now about that so good old profiling will have to occur to match the body to the door skin. I may be able to pinch half off of each which will help. Filler and sanding the outcome.....
Took the car for a "drive" into the cul-de-sac so I could warm up everything and get the trans working again. All door locks/mechanisms work well and are solid so happy with those.
Some pics out of the garage......



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