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Thumbs up Grassbank Conversions is still going strong

A quick update to this thread...

Grassbank conversions has been up and running again for a while now. The new website is

The old site closed down while the new site was being developed and launched under the new name, there was a lot going on at the time, unrelated to the kit car industry. No one was leant on and no letters were received, just a bit (quite a bit) of internal restructuring.

Everything that was available before is still available now and new bits are being developed, not just for tributes but for other kits as well, as was always the case really. Even while the website has been down we've still been supporting Tribute and other enthusiasts.

I'm building a DNA 2fifty and am also responsible for the grassbank conversions web site.

The site has an online ordering facility and we hope to add a card payment option in the near future. Along with products for sale we have also introduced a 'reference library' where we have collated our experience of working with the tribute 250 and shared what we have learned in the process. This too is an expanding area for us and we hope to add and share more material as we proceed.

Meanwhile we have launched a new range of 16" x 6" front laced wire wheels which give the cars more of a Brit look whereas the 15" x 7" centre laced wheels are more evocative of the European classics.

Thanks to everyone for the kind remarks that were posted about the business while we were offline, we welcome everyone to take a look at the new site and to provide feedback so that we can, hopefully, make things even better.
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