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Hi Slarti, I think the 'MOT within a month of inspection' thing isn't really a thing. There was about nine months between my Spyder being inspected and it being ready for its first MOT. The guidance from Gary J at the time was that to have the car inspected it only needed the body to be bonded on with the vehicle commission and body number tags attached, it didn't need to be driveable or even have its bonnet fitted.

The inspection, if DVLA decide to do one, just results in your V5 being changed to reflect what the car has been altered to, so I don't know where they got the 1 month MOT deadline from. There were individual differences between regional DVLA offices, though, there's a big Hot Rod/Special building community in East Anglia and the East Midlands so our local office was used to having all sorts of contraptions presented and nothing fazed them. They just inspected what they were shown and followed the simple rules to decide what to put in their report. I understand that some other regional inspectors had no idea how to apply the rules so turned stuff away that they should have been accepting.

More recently the whole thing's been centralised and I can't remember the last time a rebody actually got called forward for a physical inspection - it seems to have become a postal exercise for the most part now, but there's always going to be an exception...

My build is progressing slowly but surely - I'm hoping to fire the engine for the first time today, but I've had a problem getting the cooling system to be leak-free. I'm on my third water pump housing now, two were cracked and this one has its threads stripped on the thermostat housing. That's the price you pay for using 50+ year old parts, though.

My thread is on the Vintage Roadster forum if you're interested, and I should be putting an update on there soon.
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