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Stole this from the NSRA website:
C&U: The C&U regulations are open to interpretation, as they refer to creating spray or kicking up mud in wet conditions.
Some choose to interpret that as meaning fenders are not required in dry conditions.
Police officers may or may not agree with this interpretation.

So this is still a grey area, people's opinions and experiences differ. From forum posts we know that:

- Some rodders have driven fenderless for years with no problems.

- Some Prohibition Notices have been issued, cars 4 wheel lifted away, and fines handed out.

- One court case was successfully contested, on the basis that the fenders are there to catch any water/mud, so on a dry day there cannot be an offence.

- A member was fined for running fenderless. 50 plus costs (35 police to take to court & 15 Victim support surcharge)
However this is not an endorsable offence, so no points on the license.

If you choose to run fenderless, a set of attachable fenders carried in the boot could help to avoid the worst, if conditions become wet, or if you are stopped.
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