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I love the car but I do have some concerns over the legal aspect of running without headlamps.

I can't find any exemption in the lighting regulations that would apply to Agent Thor Or pretty much anything else that we might build) that would allow it to legally run without the obligatory front and rear position lamps, dipped and main beam headlamps and brake light(s).

I pulled the occasional classic and hot-rod over the years and never felt the need to give a single one a ticket. I did, however, have to advise quite a few that if one or two aspects of their vehicle weren't addressed, some of my more zealous colleagues wouldn't be quite so understanding about the novel interpretation of the regulations that the owners were adhering to.

The MOT tester's manual is also clear that such obligatory lighting must be present and functioning or the vehicle has a major fault.

Bit of light reading below (pun fully intended):

Again, the 'open' wheels look really cool but I do have my doubts about their legal status, even if you have a set on board to fit if it rains. Oh, and what do you do if you're being followed along a B road by plod and you come round a bend to find mud all over the road, slam the brakes on?

The construction and use regs say this -

63.—(1) Save as provided in paragraph (4), this regulation applies to—

(a)invalid carriages;
(b)heavy motor cars, motor cars and motor cycles, not being agricultural motor vehicles or pedestrian-controlled vehicles;
(c)agricultural motor vehicles driven at more than 20 mph; and

(2) Subject to paragraphs (3) and (5), every vehicle to which this regulation applies shall be equipped with wings or other similar fittings to catch, so far as practicable, mud or water thrown up by the rotation of its wheels or tracks.

All the exemptions are listed in paragraph 4 -

(4) Those requirements do not apply in respect of—

(a)a works truck;
(b)a living van;
(c)a water cart;
(d)an agricultural trailer drawn by a motor vehicle which is not driven at a speed in excess of 20 mph;
(e)an agricultural trailed appliance;
(f)an agricultural trailed appliance conveyor;
(g)a broken down vehicle;
(h)a heavy motor car, motor car or trailer in an unfinished condition which is proceeding to a workshop for completion;
(i)a trailer used for or in connection with the carriage of round timber and the rear wheels of any heavy motor car or motor car drawing a semi-trailer so used; or
(j)a trailer drawn by a motor vehicle the maximum speed of which is restricted to 20 mph or less under Schedule 6 to the 1984 Act

So again, much as I love the car, I can't find anything in the regulations that say Agent Thor can legally run on the road with open wheels.

As I'm genuinely hoping that Agent Thor is running on the road in total compliance with the relevant legislation, I'll be delighted if anyone can direct me to the actual schedule reference where the 'daytime hours only' vehicle exemption from obligatory lamps and optional fit mudguards can be found rather than the usual 'someone on rods and sods said it's fine' argument.
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