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Originally Posted by prince albert View Post
... as the beetle main chassis is just a long tube and that's got the numbers on it...
Unfortunately, this may mean that the Kingfisher isn't legal either.

As, my (limited) understanding is that in order to retain the identity of a VW Beetle, you need to keep both floor pans attached to the long tube in the middle.

I am sure this was a clarification that ACE (Association of Car Enthusiasts) received from the DVLA/VOSA.
( But as I wasnít planning to do anything with a VW, I didnít pay too much attention to this. )

I know I have mentioned a guy called Kev/Kapri over on Rods 'n' Sods before, but he really is the expert on this sort of stuff.

As it currently stands, I would work on the basis that, for your project, all roads lead to IVA.

Good luck, Paul.
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