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Default Reverse Trike MSVA Question


Starting to look at building a single seater reverse trike, and fancy the challenge of fabricating the frame myself. The design is based on a front frame that the entire motorbike frame bolts into using the headstock (similar to the picture below).

My end state for this would be electric power (Iíve got the EV bug having just finished this motorbike conversion ....


Anyway, back to the topic .... Iím designing it on the basis that this needs to go through MSVA, but as Iím retaining the entire frame, swing arm, engine (albeit converted to electric) and rear wheel and, as it could be reverted back to a motorcycle, I remember a while back you used to be able to register this on the original V5 for the bike without it needing to go through MSVA. The key point being that as you havenít welded the trike frame to the bike frame (itís bolted including the headstock) it can be reverted to the original wheel plan. You used to be able to go through the process of re-registering similar to that of a radically altered kit car.

Looking around other forums Iíve seen a similar question raised recently without any real clarity, so just wanted to check if anyone had a view here?

As I said Iíll plan on the basis of it going through MSVA but would be good to know if the Ďbolt oní approach still applies.

Many thanks
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