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The DVLA can, and often do, require an independent check/assessment by a qualified motor/electrical engineer. I actually welcome that, and agree completely about the risks here compared to IC.

There are a lot of safety features that I have engineered into my builds such as contactors etc that cut the power. Iím also running at 72v - still enough to kill you at 150 Amps - which is 100% isolated just to drive the motor.

That said I do expect in the next 12 - 18 months there will be legislation that any EV conversion has to meet specific safety standards and there will need to be some form of IVA equivalent test to verify this prior to registration change.

I think the days of doing an EV conversion for road tax purposes have long gone, and to be honest that was nothing to do with why I did the latest bike, as the tax was only £20 a year (it was a 50cc bike at the end of the day).
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