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Well yesterday was MOT 3rd time lucky??? The other 2 attempts were washed out by pouring rain - now I don't mind getting a bit wet but I had no inner wings so would have had water from rear wheels coming into th cockpit and in front over the engine?
Anyway yesterday it was damp and I now have inner wings ( of a sort) so down the hill to the testing station, just 2 miles.
Arrived ok, the first time the car had moved under its own power for 9 years, really fun to drive.
So it was taken into the garage by Michael, who is a really helpful guy but alas, even though my V5 is correct - Sammio Spyder, Red etc, etc the DVSA have it on record still as a yellow Triumph Herald hence no test yesterday. .

So home I drove leaving the paperwork confusion with Michael, I thought all was well on the registration front as when the body was bonded on by Gary way back in 2011 he dealt with the rebody and registration update - hence my correct V5, and in this time of lockdown who knows how long this will take
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