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My Daytona is 1976 so is tax and MOT exempt. However, I had no proof that the conversion was done over 30 years ago and was expecting problems. But all I did was take the form to the post office and that was it. No questions or comebacks from the DVLA.
I can't find anything online to allow you to change it to MOT exempt, if you have a link please post it up.
If you can do it online I would as it seems to be automatically done.
I just applied for a new V5 on a new car, came through in 2 days, I then changed the numberplate on line and again the new V5 arrived in 2 days.
I then went to tax it but found it was still showing as being taxed and being taxed to the end of September..............Result!!
I suspect the previous owner wasn't aware that the tax ends when a car is sold and didn't claim it back, the car had been sold to a trader so the full V5 minus the trader section was given to me and I did the transfer on my ipad in front of the trader. I don't think this would have happened if the V5 had been sent to Swansea and the change of ownership was inputted by a human.
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