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Thanks for your positive comments, guys, they're much appreciated

I know what you mean about the way time evaporates when you retire as I tried to retire back in 2017.

I found that months went by and nothing got done as I had all the time in the World to do whatever I wanted but seemed to have no motivation to do anything but binge watch crap on Netflix.

After about nine months I worked out that what hobbies are really for is to give you a distraction away from the pressures of work, so I unretired and got a part time job, working three days a week with a four day weekend every week.

That actually worked very well, I got a lot more things done over those four day weekends than I did when I had seven days a week off. We recently paid off our mortgage, though, which meant our finances are a lot healthier and I decided that now is the time to leave the workplace behind and enjoy my retirement, and this time I mean it!

So, my wife and I have been travelling the UK staying in Hotels picked from the 'Secret Escapes' website, visiting National Trust and English Heritage sites such as Stone Henge, Sutton Hoo and multiple Elizabethan manor houses. I'd have liked to have done that by Classic car, but my wife wasn't so keen, so we compromised and bought a 'youngtimer' classic, an R53 Mini Cooper S to undertake such journeys in. I also have a renewed sense of purpose in my hobbies - I'm really enjoying the challenge of creating my Speedster and I'm getting plenty of time in the fields with my metal detectors.

So, if you're thinking of retiring or wondering where your time is going in retirement, I'd recommend easing yourself into it by taking on a part time job for a few years first. I promise you you'll appreciate retirement much more when you do finally hang up the office keys.

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