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Talking The Monaco Has Landed

Collected the new project yesterday with a thoroughly professional and competitive local one-man-band. Less than three hours for a 100 mile round trip!

I removed the body to reveal the Spitfire underpinnings. The existing chassis frame has been modified in an unacceptable fashion so I'm now in the market for a tax-exempt Spitfire, hopefully with sound underpinnings but rubbish bodywork.

The wings, their stays, the air scoop, the gearbox/transmission covers, the headlamp pods (which I'm advised are fashioned from 'unobtanium'), the prop-shaft, steering column/wheel and a spare gearbox I've stashed in my shed. I'll spread them on the lawn for a picture when the weather permits.

The engine turns freely. I'll Redex the bores, spin it without plugs until I get oil pressure, then run it for assessment, again when weather permits as the A352 is in my man cave awaiting the delivery of MOT related purchases.

That last one isn't very special!

Regards, Mick
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