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Default One step forward...

Thanks for supportive comments everyone , I'm not getting excited over closing a deal on the A352. Given all the past disappointments I'll believe it when it's trailered away and I have a wad of 50s in my pocket.

Anyway, back to the Monaco. In yesterday's clement weather I enthusiastically marched down to the cave hopeful of making meaningful progress. I decided to go back to basics on the engine. I cleaned and reset the points, set the static ignition at 6 advanced and adjusted the throttle stop and idle mixture jet screws on the DCD to their basic settings. Using full choke she started instantly and after immediately moving the choke to the intermediate warm up setting she ran very sweetly - result. Unfortunately the brand new starter solenoid decided to ignore its 12v signal from the ignition switch so I had to use the button. I stared her again but this time the solenoid stuck on. Damn! I took it off, removed the rubber cover and liberally applied WD40 around the button whilst working it. I also gave it a couple of stiffish belts with a hammer. Replacement revealed an operative button but still no response to the ignition switch. I double checked both its earth and trigger voltage but no change . Hoping the WD40 might work its magic overnight I called it a day.

Regards, Mick
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