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Originally Posted by paul_n

I assume you have seen this? Some interesting ideas?

Hi Paul

Apologies for delay in replying. That's a new one on me, thanks for posting.

Nice dash, apart from the flip up starter, too plasticky for my taste. Carpets, in a Monaco? Knuckle protection required with that gear stick position! At least it's X-Flow powered, rather than P*nto (swear word in my book). Shame there's not a rear view, are they mirrors on the back mudguards ?

I went with a friend and looked at a Ford (Fix Or Repair Daily) based one in Bristol about ten years ago. We dragged it out of the lock up on its flat tyres to find it was thick with rust, scary wiring, no engine or gear box, and a very tatty interior. Only the body was really worth saving. He wanted 450 so I took a pass on it.

Regards, Mick
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