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Originally Posted by rochdaleGT View Post
looks like people want to cover facts here and make me responsible for that?

according to what people have posted here after i started asking questions, there is not the slightest necessesity for correcting the paperwork of the BMW-sammio. everything legal, evryhting fine.

so explain me this sentence from the builder :

"The V5 (log book) still reads Triumph Herald but the engine details have been updated and read correctly, so if it's going for export it will be easier to register in Europe as a Triumph but if it stays in UK then I will help with the correct UK registration. "

this is a clear declaration that something is not correct or what else should this sentence mean? and theoretically somebody could even say "the car was built with export in mind"

oh..i forgot, nobody in Uk will built a car to foreign rules
so he left it like that to help someone abroad buy it and register it ....if it sold within the uk just send off with the rebody details it was basically a marketing ploy to enlarge the Amount of buyers it appealed to .nothing underhand in that .

What ever you are trying to imply ... and you seem to trying quite hard time to give it a rest.
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