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Sorry Paul, can you just run all that by me again, I don't think I've got it yet...

To play Devil's Advocate, it must be difficult for Micha to understand the British way of doing things due to some cultural differences. From experience of being based in Germany with the occupying forces of the allied powers, I am aware that the nearest equivalent to DVLA/VOSA in Germany, the Technischer Überwachungsverein, and in complete contrast to the relaxed, happy-go-lucky nature of most German institutions, are very strict about road vehicle modifications, with even apparently inconsequential minor alterations, like fitting aftermarket alloys, requiring a comprehensive engineering inspection and report costing many Euros.

Over here though, we have a longstanding tradition of allowing eccentric enthusiasts to build things in their sheds before presenting their crackpot creations to a chap from the Ministry, who will typically be found wearing NHS pebble spectacles, a Harris tweed jacket with leather patches at the elbows, a collar and tie even when it's blazing hot, smoking a pipe full of tobacco that smells like burning tyres and sporting a Brylcream comb-over.

Said Ministry official would then walk round the eccentric's creation for a couple of minutes with an air of bemused interest before declaring that it's a fine example of British ingenuity and signing off the minimal paperwork required for it to take to the road/water/sky/far reaches of the known Universe.

Random examples of such things built by eccentrics in sheds are -

Some very pretty aeroplanes

Something to bounce on the beach (Dam, that looks like fun!)

And even a glider built in the loft of a lovely old castle by a bunch of bored public schoolboys with time on their hands

That was my experience of sorting out the paperwork for my own rebody, a very nice chap spent a few minutes looking round my car, complimented me on the way it looked and signed off the paperwork without question and all for free.

What a marvelous Country we live in!

Oh, and Micha, if you really want to get your teeth into a DVLA scandal, go find a forum where people are building classic Jag race-car replicas on spaceframe chassis but claiming historic status with DVLA because the engine came out of a MkX saloon from the fifties. Now that really is taking the pi$$.
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