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Originally Posted by reiz2001 View Post
A little further away then!

Iím pretty sure Iíd be refuelling after 50 miles haha! Iíve put a MG6 1.8 turbo engine in, needs a good test this year with the whole setup. Iíll get some pictures over the coming weeks. Do you plan on keeping the 1.6?

The PG1 is a much better box too, easy mod with cheap MG TF parts.

Hi Alex,
Interesting engine choice, basically an updated K-Series, so no major drama in fitting?

I think there may be a little seeping on the gearbox seal so if I do have to take the gearbox off, I might just put the PG1 in instead. Like you said, cheap enoughÖ

As far as the engine is concerned, Iíll wait for the whole potential emissions proposals thing to blow over before thinking about changing it out. Besides, I think I need to get some enjoyment out of the car as I have done nothing other than rebuilding.
As much as Iíd like 300BHP monster, I think an extra 20-40BHP over standard will be enough for the fun factor.
I have looked into standalone ECUís, new Piper cams, vernier cams, mapping and even done some research on adding a turbo but that will be ďPhase 2Ē work which Iíll do over next winter.

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