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Yes essentially a k series, but much improved.

Thereís a bit of work to get it back to a k-series, changing over most of the sensors, inlet manifold etc. Some of the block holes have changed too, in particular the crank sensor. Easy enough to make an adapter to hold the original sensor.

The system is running on MEMS 3 ecu, reprogrammed by Z&F tuning. Although not dynoíd myself - the map with decent intercooler and breathing can show 210 bhp.

Iíd love a 300 bhp engine as you mention, but for easy, simplicity and cost this was the next best thing. Sounds great with that turbo tucked behind your head

Youíre right - enjoying the car is paramount this year as itís been garaged for most of the 2 years Iíve owned it. There always appears something to do/plays
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