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Originally Posted by Lucky@LeMans View Post
I think the bodies are available to order .

I would be tempted to find a couple of inches each end so it would fit over a Scimitar SE5 99" chassis, better than a Herald chassis as suggested.
I looked at this the other day whilst visiting Chris as Tribute are moulding a new bonnet option for my Formosa 120 GRs at present ... Chris straightened out my buck and is moulding it and pulling the first one before the mould goes to my usual laminator ...
They are very pretty ... Definitely A6 GCS inspired and great potential if you put the effort in ...
An SE5 tweak wouldn't be straightforward ... I looked at that and apart from the track being a bit narrow , which you may be able to deal with using skinny MGA steels or something , but it is close .... The seating position in relation to rear axle means you'll be sat on top of the 4 bars in its current setup ... So the 4-5" stretch will need to be done behind the seat and in front of rear wheel arch ... And even 4-5" may not be enough , so it may be a case of adding extra there and taking a bit out of the front .... That may mess with the silhouette too much ...
I'd suggest looking at something other than Scimitar .... Locost etc maybe where the rear 4 bar is much shorter ...
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