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Further update - hopefully the final solution!

Jason Cundall (GOO in these circles) had brake binding problems travelling home from Stoneleigh. After investigating the option to fit a rose joint, he decided it would not line up as well as his centralised clevis, so offered no solution to his problem.

In response to his reported problem in a post on the MOC, Jon Cox came back with this sound advice: - fit a pedal return spring - all modern vehicles have one: and offered a very simple, elegant solution.

Jason followed this advice, fitting a Landrover pedal spring (ebay 2.20 for 2)

and offered the following comment:

Courtesy of Jason on MOC Forum:

"It's fixed.
It only took one spring, and I basically followed the same idea as in Jon's picture. I made a small plate that sits on the clevis pin that has a hole for the spring to sit in, and then hooked the other end of it to a bracket I mounted on an existing bolt.

- it works like a charm. After fitting it after work today, I blatted round town for 45 mins in all sorts of traffic (fast dual carriage way, town centre, etc etc), and it's been fine. Pedal comes up fully and immediately after taking your foot off, and there's no noticeable extra effort in pushing the pedal down now there's a spring on it. No more binding / squeaky brakes, takes off like missile now, probably doing the world of good to the fuel economy. Happy "
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