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To anyone spraying at home I hope this helps.
Please bear in mind the following
1. I used a high solid 2 pack paint commonly referred to as truck coat, it goes on thick and does take a while to cure fully but if your spraying conditions aren't ideal (like mine) it allows you the luxury of having enough paint on that you can correct most runs, orange peel etc. The specific product i used was Lechlar 29155 also referred to as LS155.

2. I put about 5 coats on and could probably have reduced the peel by thinning a little more but that would have encouraged more runs.

3. This is just my experience some may disagree and if you follow my lead don't blame me if it goes all Pete Tong!

4. Truck Coat by the very nature is not conducive to producing a mirror finish shine, if that's what you want then this isn't for you. Me personally? I wanted a period finish with some shine and lustre but wasn't that bothered from the start about a mirror finish.

Goin back a bit this was the finish out of the gun:

Very orange peeley to say the least.

After about a week I started to flat back starting with 800 on a small solid block fro runs first then moving up to 1200 to start removing as much of the peel as possible. I used water in a spray bottle with literally 2 drops of washing up liquid to help reduce clogging. After the 1200 i moved up to 1500 then 2000. In hindsight i could probably have gone straight from 1200 to 2000.
Part way through this process you will definitely think you have totally cocked it all up:

Keep persevering though just take it slow and easy and changed your sanding pads regularly. Eventually you'll end up with this:

A smooth flat surface but with minimal defects

Next step was a good wash with nothing more than clean warm water twice to ensure that any left over contaminants are removed.

After letting it air dry I then started (This morning) to cut back using Ferecla G3, be warned that the product you can buy in Halfords in the black bottle is not the same as the pukka stuff in a yellow bottle available from your local paint supply place.

I found that ToolStation did some very cheap foam pads and polishing mops and having used them I think they were fine and dirt cheap.
First i soaked the new sponge in clean water then squeezed the majority out by hand followed by spinning the wet sponge on the polisher to remove most of the remainder, you want it damp not wet.

A few dobs of G3 on the panel and then swirl it around with the sponge before you start. Start at low RPM, I'm using a cheapo Clarke polisher and started on setting 1. Keep the sponge flat to the surface and move slowly, don't linger or you will burn the paint, sounds scary but just take it slow and steady. after the majority of the G3 has started to dissapear I then up the rpm setting to 2.5. If things start to get sticky then stop and spray a fine mist of water on the panel , this helps keep the temperature low and acts as a lubricant. Keep going until your left with just a light haze on the panel. Now remove any remaining haze with a clean cloth and inspect. If necessary then start the G3 steps again! Its not a quick job but the results are worth it.

Just this morning the rear of my car has gone from a totally flat fin ish to this:

And a close up of the same are to show its not just 2 foot good :-)

Very close up you can still see some very faint swirls and I will decide after finishing with the G3 wether or not to go up to maybe a G10 for a final finish.

Hope that helped someone

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