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Some of us are on the ZRoadster forum but I'm posting this here for those who are not.
I've been having intermittent starting problems. It was even dollied home by an AA man when it failed after an 8mile run from home to a spares shop.

My C110 scanner consistently showed an exhaust cam position sensor error. Clearing that allowed it to start.

So I went out to the Z300S yesterday morning and it would not start. I'd researched exhaust cam position sensors and their price range from £25 to £152. I cleaned up around the existing one- it's easy to get at on the front of the engine. I removed it and gave it a good go with WD40 and got it very clean. I replaced it and the engine started. Having been out for the day in another car, upon my return I tried- it started again. This could be a fix. I think if I'd got it to a BMW dealer they would have replaced the sensor regardless and charged about £300 for the OBD scanner diagnostic, full price sensor and labour to fit. Phew!!! And so much for the AA man's diagnosis of a fuel tank or pump problem... (I didn't have my scanner with me.)
I don't think that cleaning the sensor itself solved the problem. More likely is that cleaning and exercising the electrical plug/socket connection was the real cure. My point is that a simple maintenance/cleaning activity based on the OBD scanner evidence has renewed confidence in the car, saved me money and taught me to keep a scanner on board.
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