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Default Failed ! . . . . . & that's just part of it!

SVA yesterday.

Everything going well - just a couple of silly things to secure, then I drive it round for emmisssions . . . ..

Thottle body sticks & it's either doing 900 rpm or 3000 rpm.

OK, onto brakes.

Front is fine, but when it comes to the back he feels the pedal is not right. Dead right it's not. It seems the crush / copper washers I was supplied are the wrong size & when put under a lot of pressure will let go.

End of test then? Yep & you can't drive it home!

Can I repair it? Yep, but not on our premises and you are not allowed to drive it off.

To be fair the tester was great. We pushed the car across the road, searched Marsh Barton Ind Est & found replacement washers. Took it back in & he said it was safe to drive.

Off we set home . . . . mate following takes a wrong turn, so I'm on my own. . . . . 50 miles later, I'm not on my own any longer. I have a friend in a white car, complete with yellow & blue stripe who wants a chat.

I guess it sounds quite funny when you say 'my mate was following me & he's got the paperwork'
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