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Post Hella 4004 GT Kit car Mirrors
For sale are very rare Hella 4004 GT Vintage Mirrors.They are becoming very valuable piece of automotive historic parts in the last few years, due to their use in alot of race cars and of course, their rarity, beautiful look and styling. Well, the condition of the pair I selI is used, they have been removed from a crashed BMW 2002 Turbo, but they are beautiully suitable to almost every classic car: Jaguar E-Types, Porsches, BMWs, Alfa Romeo, Mercedes etc. They have scratches(can be noticed only if you are really close) and biger ones on the "sliding" parts, specially on one of the mirrors, but nothing is hidden from the pictures.Should be noticed, there is a small repair on one of the rear bolts on the mirrors, you can see it on the last picture, but now is even stronger than brand new.Very nice addition to every classic, also very light.Original silver paint!
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