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Originally Posted by Mister Towed View Post
Good lord, I thought my Speedster body was in a bad way. Do you have the roof?

Without it it's a lot of work to either make one or convert the rear deck to the Speedster/Convertible shape as they're quite different. Even the engine grille is a different shape - flat on the coupe and curved on the Speedster and Convertible.

As for the chassis or re-body, the Triumph Spitfire wheelbase is only 8mm longer than the 356 - 2100mm vs 2108mm while the rear track width is the same (with 1500 half-shafts) at 1270mm. The front track width is also very close - 1306mm (Porsche) against 1245 (Spitfire) - so nothing that can't be sorted with spacers or wheel adaptors.

Obviously, the Spitfire chassis option is completely off the wall, so you might want to consider a Pie-Valley chassis with MGF/TF mechanicals -

There are lots of positives with that chassis, not least of which is the choice of engines from a 1.4 K series right up to the 2.5 KV6 and really good brakes, but there are two big negatives for me:


The MGF track is much wider - by 94mm at the front and 140mm at the back - so flared arches might well be necessary which aren't to my taste.

I could be wrong on that one, though, so do speak to Pie Valley if you're interested.

Anyway, nice to see another crazy Outlaw build commencing.
Great looking chassis, I've not heard of them before.
I wonder how many of those re chassis'd cars actually got entered for IVA ?
I can see many cars being "restored" featuring a new chassis.
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