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Originally Posted by Jaguartvr View Post
Looking at the picture, the front indicators are certainly not symmetrical, in fact the whole front looks as if it isn't symmetrical. Having read what Paul L bodyshell had to go through to knock it into shape, I think anyone starting a Sammio has to be very brave.
Would need to knock a "0" off the price for me, compare it to the car Smash sold last year, his black 250. The Formosa looks a much better bet as the shell is far better finnished.
Not meaning to piss anyone off, just my opinion.
A few quick points from meÖ

- I think the front indicators are just a trick of the camera angle, as all the photos Iíve seen of other Sammio builds from Dave/Bisto34 have been top quality cars.

- Remember that I had the rarer Sammio Cordite model, not this Sammio Spyder version.

- Compared to the DNA asking prices, I think Smash should have sold his for more, especially with the bumpers.

- Agreed the Formosa is higher quality, but Chrisís one on Ebay is the equivalent of Ä43k, so significantly more.

- If you think the correct price should be Ä2,550 then you must be Ďaving a laugh.

Cheers, Paul.
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