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I know I shouldn’t feed the Troll, but I am under the influence of cough mixture.

Originally Posted by rochdaleGT View Post
… botched together in a shed from a private builder ...
rochdaleGT - Perhaps something is getting lost in translation, but generally over here in the UK, we think of this as a “shed”.

Whereas, this car was built by David/bisto34 in what we would call a “workshop”.

Similarly, this is what we would call “botched together”.

Whereas, this is what we would call an example of a professional standard modifications.

bisto34 has produced a number of quality Sammios over the years and here is another one below.

So rather than just insult his work without providing any evidence…

Perhaps you could point out the "botching" you are referring to in relation to car DWY 417B?
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