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Never had problems with adjusting the ride height either too low or high (Gaz coilovers). My main issue was setting the height and maintaining a decent level of 'hardness'. Changed to 10.5" 300lb springs recently from Rally Designs and this felt much better.
I think my ride height is about 140mm.

Regarding the rear bodywork, I noticed recently that the drivers side wheel outside edge was flush with the rear arch but the nearside was slightly inset by about 10-15mm. They are both set at 3mm (1) negative camber and don't protrude beyond the bodywork.

Looking at your photos, have the rear arches been modified at some point as mine have a 1" flat edge which yours don't appear to have...

I have found that the suspension set-up is all about compromise i.e. Hardness, bump steer control, ride height, wheel alignment, wishbone/driveshaft alignment and wheel to arch clearance!

Maybe post some more photos including the spring/damper set-up as it might help our understanding of your problem.
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